What You Need To Know About The Enduring Farmhouse Sink Trend

Farmhouse sinks date back in time to a bygone era when running water was not available in most households. Homeowners often had to drag buckets of well water before they could cook, clean or bathe. This large sink is an enduring trend that still to this day many homeowners like to install. Not only is it an authentic farmhouse look, even in the city, but it offers the ability to use a much larger surface for cooking and cleaning. The depth of the sink itself can allow you to bathe your pets as well!

Ireland and Britain in the 17th century are to thank for the invention of these sinks, but you will find them readily available in a modern finish for a new era of homeownership.

Quick Facts To Know

Modern trendy farmhouse style sinks are much deeper than undermount kitchen sinks of the stainless steel variety. The user is able to directly stand in front of the sink without having to battle with cabinets and drawers that may get in the way. Most general sinks simply don’t have the ability to house a large pile of pots and pans without piling up precariously. On the other hand, farmhouse style sinks allow you to stack your cooking utensils and dinnerware without feeling that your kitchen is getting taken over.

You will still find that most farmhouse sinks do not sit level with cabinets underneath, but rather, there’s a slight overhang. This once served a practical purpose of redirecting potential water overflow, but nowadays, it serves more of an aesthetic appeal.

Another great thing about farmhouse sinks is that you can enhance their nostalgic character by choosing to install a traditional tap. It has the beauty of modern faucets coupled with an antique feel. Paired with your farmhouse style sink, it adds a beautiful focal point in any kitchen while cutting your food prep time nearly in half.

What Materials Are Farmhouse Sinks Made Of?

You will find farmhouse style sinks manufactured from a wide range of materials, but more commonly, they’re created from porcelain or fireclay for durability. Fireclay is instantly recognizable thanks to its high shine finish and unsurpassed durability. Fortunately, fireclay is also resistant to scratches, gouges and chips that often plague standard sinks. Porcelain is also durable, but not as durable as fireclay and doesn’t sport the high shine. It is, however, more affordable for homeowners looking to purchase a farmhouse style sink.

Are you looking for a contemporary twist? You can find stainless steel farmhouse sinks on the market. They are not only highly affordable, but they also offer modern durability with the unique finish one expects from stainless steel. Perhaps the most desirable modern finish is hammered copper. With plenty of use, it takes on a rustic patina not found with any other materials.

Whether you want your kitchen to have added functionality or want a nostalgic approach to decorating, farmhouse sinks are the perfect fixture. They offer plenty of space for cleaning messes while making cooking a breeze!


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