What Are Some Choices When It Comes To Finding The Perfect Oyster Wine?

For many, the ultimate in fresh shellfish – in fact, the ultimate when it comes to food that epitomizes the wild, briny and untamed nature of the sea is the oyster. There are a myriad of different types of oysters available from coastlines across the world – the variety of fresh oysters that are available means that taste profiles and textures are a pleasure to explore. Varieties such as the Pacific Oyster, the Kumamoto Oyster, the Atlantic Oyster, the European Flat Oyster and the Olympia Oyster (both Olympia and Atlantic oysters are extremely popular in the United States) mean that there is an oyster to suit everyone’s taste.

For many people, an essential part of the ‘oyster experience’ is the pairing of wine with this magnificent shellfish. Tastes and opinions differ – and the wine that best suits an individual type of oyster is subject to much discussion, but here are some ideas on the perfect oyster wine to compliment the briny nature of the shellfish.

1. Chablis.

With flavors that tend toward citrus and white flowers, combined with hints of pear It is no wonder that this wine is perfectly suited for pairing with oysters. Add to this the attractions of a distinct minerality and even salinity and you have a great choice in the stakes for the perfect oyster wine. The long, tingly finish is great for emphasizing the luxurious nature of the oyster eating experience.

2. Champagne.

One supposes that sparkling wine should be included in this category of wine that works so well with oysters, but there is something so luxuriously sensual about the idea of the product from France that it deserves special recognition. Put simply, the magic is in the bubbles. They perfectly offset the smooth, silken feel of a fresh oyster. Ultra dry champagnes are perfect for consumption with oysters, but lighter versions such as Taittinger can also get the job done.

3. Muscadet.

For those who do want a certain sensuality to their wine when consuming oysters, but do not want the sometimes wallet thumping experience of buying French champagne Muscadet is a great alternative. The ultra-dry, light-bodied white wine from the Loire Valley in France acts almost like a citrus blast – and that helps fresh oysters shine. the Pinot Grigio from Italy and the AlbariƱo from Northern Spain are also great choices.

4. Sauvignon Blanc.

If you are in Bordeaux sit back, relax and enjoy some of the regions great oysters combined with a wine that has its origins there. This is a great choice to enjoy with fresh oysters. Select a young and forward wine (and choose an unoaked version). The ‘zesty’ nature of this wine also helps to offset the sometimes overwhelming seasoning of the ever popular Tabasco sauce.

These are only some of the choices for some great wines to pair with fresh oysters – however, if you are going for an oyster that has been cooked with some sort of creamy sauce then a Chardonnay might be the answer.

The first step is to find those great fresh oysters – and then experiment to find that perfect pairing that enhances your oyster experience.


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