Using Utility Locating Radar

Are you planning to install a small swimming pool in your backyard? You have taken all the measurements and already discussed the idea with a pool installer. But are you aware of any gas or electric lines that may lie underneath the ground in which you want to install the pool? You will have no idea because it is not possible to detect such lines outside the house. However, if you don’t take precautionary measures, the lines may get destroyed while digging the ground. That is why you need to get in touch with a company that offers utility locating radar service. The frequency locating technology and the ground penetrating radar will find out if there are any utilities underground.

Use of utility locating radar

The utility locating radar uses pulsating radar technology to find underground utilities. This technology shows 3D images of the water pipes or electrical wiring of the mains that are buried underground. It is a very reliable method to find if digging in a particular area is safe or not. The high accuracy of this technique has made it very popular in the world. These locators are often used to find telephone lines that emit energy.

Non-destructive method

The traditional methods to identify and find utilities are all destructive. It either involved digging the surface slowly or understand the plumbing and electrical system of the area to come up with a plan to search for the utilities underneath. However, utility locating radar is a completely non-destructive method that does not destroy the surrounding structures. There is no guesswork in this system. It can inspect a site quickly and preserve the area, thus not involving any prior digging of the ground.

Makes it easier to plan projects

The utility locating radar technique is useful to find a range of materials starting from wires, plastic, or metal. It shows the exact depth and location of the materials and with perfect accuracy. The swift findings make it easier to plan a project. When you have instant information about unknown utilities in a site, you can plan the project accordingly to make sure that the utilities are not disturbed or damaged in the process.

Finding and locating utilities is a big challenge, especially when there is a risk to damage them if you don’t use the right technique. The cost to replace and reroute the underground infrastructure is immense. Most importantly, you will lose a lot of time because of this. But with the use of utility location radar, you can reduce this risk significantly. The accurate assessments of this technology save not only time but also space and resource.

When you have a visual aid of the possible underground utilities such as pipes and wires, you can easily avoid digging or drilling through them when there is a project in hand. Advanced locating radars can work beyond the usual depth of 10 to 15 feet that most of the radars are able to capture. The utility locating crew will have precise data before starting a project.


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