Tips For Finding The Best PUBG PCs

If you are shopping around for a PC to play PUBG on, you are likely going to be interested in some tips for finding the best PUBG PCs. Below, we will be going over some of the tips that you will want to use when you are looking to identify the right PC to choose to play PUBG on.

Finding The Right PC To Play PUBG:

1. Power.

The most important thing that you should be considering when you are shopping for a PC to play a shooter like PUBG would have to be the power that it has available. Finding a PC that is capable of providing enough power to get the most out of your gameplay is crucial for something that is a competitive game like PUBG. Therefore, you want to find a pre-built computer or build one that has a lot of graphical processing power with it’s GPU and a lot of central processing power with its CPU. A lot of the pre-built computers that you will find will have very good CPU’s and GPU’s that you can take advantage of. The downside is that they typically use cheaper components in other areas like the RAM and the power supply. However, you will still be able to get good results out of a pre-built.

2. High-Refresh Rate Monitor.

Another major thing that you want to consider when you are shopping around for a PC that is going to offer you the smoothest and best gameplay suited to PUBG would be a high-refresh rate monitor. Whether you are looking for an external monitor or a laptop, you want to be certain that the screen is capable of over 60Hz. That way, you will be able to display more frames per second which will give you an advantage in any kind of quick twitch type of competitive shooter like PUBG. This is why you will notice a lot of the popular PUBG streamers like Dr. Disrespect and Shroud using the highest refresh rate monitors and turning their graphical settings down to the lowest.

3. Gaming Mouse.

If you are going to be playing a shooter like PUBG, you had better invested a good amount of money into a gaming mouse. You want to not only spend the necessary money on a gaming mouse, but you want it to be suitable for your play style. If you are someone that uses more of your wrist, you will want a high DPI mouse. However, if you use more arm, you will want to get a mouse that has great tracking even during liftoff. Another big thing that can make a big difference in your experience would be your mouse pad believe it or not.

There are plenty of things that will make or break your PUBG gaming experience. If you are looking to solely play PUBG, you will want to focus on the tips above. If you are looking to play other games along with it, you still want to focus on the tips above, but you might be more inclined to opt for a higher resolution monitor without the higher refresh rate.


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