The Good And Bad Of Various Streaming Services With Cable Channels

Are you looking for cable alternatives? If so, there has never been a better time. The fact is, there are so many different streaming services with cable channels that you can choose from, you should have no trouble finding a suitable option. Below, we will talk about some of the good and bad of some of the different options that you can choose from.

The Good And Bad Of Various Streaming Services With Cable Channels:

1. YouTube TV.

The Good?

This is one of the best streaming alternatives if you are looking for a familiar cable experience. In fact, with YouTube TV, you are likely going to get all of the cable channels that you are used to having anyways. YouTube TV keeps things very simple with one channel package to choose from. While this certainly lacks flexibility, it makes up for it in the offerings that it comes with. With YouTube TV, you are getting over 70 channels which include both local channels and sports channels. Therefore, you won’t have the same drawbacks that might have kept you from switching years ago. Along with this, it comes with various sports networks that you might wish other streaming services had. However, what YouTube TV does even better offers outstanding features that you simply won’t get with other providers. Mainly, YouTube TV offers unlimited DVR which allows you to record any and every show that you could possibly want and playback on your choice of device. Along with this, it comes with the ability to have three simultaneous streams going.

The Bad?

YouTube TV’s price is fairly expensive compared to what you might expect for a cable alternative. Along with this, you are unable to customize the package that you get with the service which could be a negative for some.

2. Hulu and Live TV.

The Good?

Hulu is another entrant which really offers a cable-like experience. Hulu with Live TV offers a variety of content including live sports. The live TV service will provide you with access to the entire on-demand portion of Hulu, as well. Hulu also happens to offer cloud DVR functionality.

The Bad?

While Hulu does offer Cloud DVR functionality with its service, it limits you to 50 hours. To get more, you have to pay an upgrade fee. Another bad thing is the fact that you can only watch on up to 2 devices simultaneously.

3. Sling TV.

The Good?

Sling TV is another option that you might be considering. Sling TV is actually one of the more flexible cable video streaming alternatives that you can find. It offers a range of packages that you can choose from starting at a mere $25 per month. Therefore, you will be able to score a channel like ESPN for a very low price compared to some of the other options available.

The Bad?

With the cheapest package, you are limited to one screen at a time. Along with this, it does not include a cloud DVR. To get cloud DVR functionality, you have to pay an extra $5 per month for it.

Overall, there are plenty of cable alternatives that might interest you. If you are looking for the very best cloud alternatives, you might want to seek out what channel lineup would satisfy you and see which one provides the features that you deem necessary.


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