The Different Pros And Cons To Using Flat Irons For Hair Straightening

If you want to imitate celebrities like Charlize Theron or Angelina Jolie with their straight locks, but don’t have straight hair yourself, then it is recommended you use a flat iron. These hairstyling tools provide frizz-free, super-straight and shiny styles when used correctly. Unfortunately, despite the benefits of straightening irons, they do also have several disadvantages. This article will provide the pros and cons of using a flat iron for hair straightening.

What Are The Different Types Of Flat Irons?

Nowadays, the majority of flat irons use ceramic materials causing less damage to the hair through even heating of the material. Some flat irons can also emit negative ions that, contrary to belief, provide the hair shaft with nutrients. Unfortunately, pure ceramic irons are not always the cheapest option, and the metal option is more cost-effective. Metal coated in ceramic is useful, but it often results in an inferior appearance.

What Are The Benefits To Using A Flat Iron?

The top advantages to using a flat iron for hair straightening is the reduction of frizz, the quick heating time, and the ability to change your hairstyle quickly. It is important to remember that a person’s hair type requires specific hair straightening irons, but a flat iron can be effective with hair ranging from thick and wavy to thin and curly. Due to the popularity of straightening irons, many models are now available with a lightweight and ergonomic design.

What Are The Drawbacks To Using A Flat Iron?

The primary disadvantage of using a flat iron for hair straightening is that the hair can become brittle and damaged. With continuous use, a flat iron can reduce the shine of hair, making it appear unhealthy, dull, and even produce split ends. Cheaper models can cause the most damage, and this is why stylists recommend the more costly models. However, these can be very expensive ranging between $400 and $600.

An inconvenience that could be considered a drawback is that hair straightening with a flat iron is only a temporary solution. If you are caught in a rain shower or humid weather, the straightened hair will revert to curly or wavy locks with frizz. You will need to rewash the hair before straightening to avoid any damage to the follicles. Furthermore, people with thick hair may find the iron ineffective and require bigger plates to gain a straight hair look.

How Can I Use Flat Irons?

Creating a straight hairstyle is simple and fun with a flat iron. It is advised that you straighten the hair from the roots and add a flip or keep the iron straight near the end. Always straighten from the roots to the end to avoid damage or the need to straighten a section again. Try applying mousse or blow-drying your hair to change the style. The mousse can also protect the hair from any damage caused by the straightening irons.

Final Words On The Matter

Straightening your hair can be a fun task, but there are specific pros and cons to consider before using a flat iron. Using the information above, you can determine if straightening irons are suited to your hairstyling needs.


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