The Advantages Of Kitchen Refacing Versus New Cabinets

As trends change and evolve, so does our idea of what a modern kitchen should look like. We all want the latest and the greatest in our homes, but what if it isn’t financially viable? There are plenty of other options, fortunately, that are able to give your kitchen that modern makeover it deserves without breaking the bank. Kitchen refacing isn’t just an affordable service, but one that can change your entire outlook on your kitchen!

Choose The Economical Option

It is reported that homeowners opting for refacing spend 50% less than if they were to purchase brand new cabinets. This option is perfect for your kitchen, but it’s also a viable option for your bathroom or anywhere you use cabinets on a regular basis. Most cabinets are made to last and just have cosmetic wear and tear. By choosing the option of refacing, you’re preserving the integrity of your kitchen without wasting perfectly solid cabinets.

Quick Results

Replacing the cabinets in your entire kitchen can take days and oftentimes, you have a real mess to contend with. Choosing the option to work with your existing cabinets ensures that your kitchen is updated in the shortest amount of time possible. Your entire cabinetry is easily updated in as little as a day, but at most, two days. Of course, this takes into consideration that you choose to hire the right professional company.

Protects Our Environment

The more waste we produce in our homes, the higher risk we face contaminating our planet. Your used and unwanted kitchen cabinets end up in a landfill somewhere, which means you’re contributing to harming our environment. By choosing the option to reface your existing cabinets, you’re helping take a step towards an eco-conscious way of life.

Many Options To Choose From

You won’t feel limited when it comes to your options for refacing your kitchen cabinets. In fact, you’ll find numerous veneer options that mimic authentic hardwoods such as oak or hickory. You can even change the look of the wood as well as the grain! It is also possible to replace molding or trim or to add new ones. Should you look to showcase collectibles, you can opt for glass inserts with your doors.

Don’t Release Harmful Toxins!

Many older cabinets contain a toxic compound known as formaldehyde, which can be detrimental to our environment when it’s released in a landfill. Choosing the option to reface means you’ll be keeping your cabinets out of landfills and you’ll feel better knowing that the new veneers or sealants applied lessen the negative effects the cabinets may have had on your health.

Kitchen refacing is an option that very few people really consider. However, it is not just eco-conscious and helps keep unnecessary items out of our landfills, but an option that makes sense financially. The advantages of kitchen refacing are far-reaching and as homeowners want a more up-to-date and modern kitchen, they will recognize that purchasing brand new cabinets isn’t the only option that makes sense.


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