How the Best Vacuum Sealer Can Save You a Ton on Food Storage

There are several huge trends overtaking the American public these days and they are related. In the first place, people are tired of spending $25 at the fast food restaurants for high-fat, high-salt, high-hormone, poorly prepared food. And, there are a number of great home kitchen cooking machines that cook fast, are totally automatic, have tons of healthy recipes, and cook meals for $2 a serving. Then, what ties a lot of these together is the ability to preserve the foods we cook in pristine condition to eat later. The Instant Pot multi-cooker can cook an entire chicken to “fall off the bone perfection” in about 30 minutes. Whole chickens sell for around $1 a pound nearly every week at the store. That’s where getting the right vacuum sealer makes a lot of sense.

How Vacuum Sealers Work

Basically they suck as much air out of the bag, jar, or bottle as is physically possible. What that does is limit the amount of oxygen in the container so that nothing can grow. This helps preserve the food in near perfect condition until you’re ready to reheat it.

It also stops freezer burn if you put the food into the freezer. The open spaces of air in a bag are what cause the burning, and drying out, of the food. The vacuum sealer sucks all of the air out, thus preventing any freezer burn. The tight package also protects the food inside from bruising, crushing, or losing its juice as well. Even foods you’re storing in the pantry, like nuts, raisins, beans, rice, spices, and other loose items will last far longer when stored in a vacuum. Plus, no insects can live and thrive without air either.

Choosing The Best Vacuum Sealer Machine

If all you’re ever going to do is vacuum seal dry goods for storage, you can get by with an entry-level machine that does just that. The basic machines don’t store the bags for your either. For some people that’s all they need and they’re happy.

However, for lots of others, getting one that includes the wand handheld sealer adds another dimension and enables them to seal other items. Plus the mid-level vacuum sealer will have the bags on a roll built-in which is far more convenient than inserting them one at a time. Another feature is a vacuum hose attachment. This allows the possibility of sucking the air out of special jars and other containers to keep bulk foods fresh and insect free for the pantry.

Most Experienced Vacuum Sealer Pros Get The Works

Once you’ve saved a bundle on your food storage it’s pretty obvious that sealing everything you can is the way to go. Not only do the stored foods stack up better in the freezer and fridge but you’ll find that you’ll want to vacuum seal everything because it tastes better too. The top of the line Food Saver is inexpensive compared to eating out a few times with the family.

These machines will pay for themselves in just a few months with all of the food that you don’t have to throw out. In fact, if you get an Instant Pot as a companion, you’ll be cooking great meals at a fraction of the cost and saving them in vacuum sealed pouches for lunches and dinners on other days. You’ll no longer have to go for fast food since you’ll always have so many great meals stored in the freezer and fridge.


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