Planning For An Active Retirement

Are you approaching retirement age and wondering what comes next? Have you noticed retired people who always look bored and lonely? Today is the time to start planning for an active retirement, instead of waiting until boredom sets in.

Time To Review Your Retirement Dreams

What have you always dreamed you would do when you retired? Did you dream of traveling, spending more time with the grandchildren, reading, or volunteering? Make a list of activities you dreamed of doing and see how they will fit your retirement plans.

After you have made a list, then start planning when you want to do the items on your list. Make a plan that covers several years, not one for just a few months. Do you have things you will do every week, every month, or several times a year? List them on a calendar so you can look forward to doing them.

Staying Active So You Can Be Active

One of the biggest fears of getting older is if our bodies are going to allow us to do all the things we want. In order to have an active retirement, it is critical to keep our bodies in shape. Don’t ignore taking care of your body.

You may have never belonged to a fitness center in your life, but now is a perfect time. Join your local YMCA or a fitness center. You should start attending fitness classes, or working out at the gym, several times per week. Getting active will keep your body in shape and allow you to enjoy an active life during your retirement instead of sitting on the sidelines.

ADDED BONUS: Joining the YMCA or a fitness center has a great added bonus, too. You get to be around people and have fun. A common complaint of retirees is their lack of social life. Working out with other retirees is a great way to build a social life outside of the work arena.

Working, Volunteering, And Getting Involved

Are you going to miss all the activity and banter around the workplace? Retiring does not mean you have to quit doing everything. If you want to work a part-time job to make a few extra dollars and to be around people, then do it.

Another great option is to volunteer your time. Charitable organizations are always looking for volunteers to help on projects. If you want to stay active, they will put you to work.

Senior Centers

Do you dread the idea of walking into a senior center because it tags you as being old? It is time to drop that notion and go have a look. You may be in for a pleasant surprise. Many of today’s senior centers are a hub for activities.

They go out for dinners together. They plan tours to great destinations. They have game days and nights. They do volunteer projects. If you are trying to think of things to fill up your calendar, a senior center may have activities you would love to join in.

Having an active retirement is easy if you just take a few moments to plan and are willing to step just outside your comfort zone.


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