How To Get A Good NIght’s Sleep In A Hotel Room

While traveling for work or play, sleep is essential to ensure you can maintain a high energy level throughout the day. However, sleeping in a hotel room is not always the most ideal situation or even the most comfortable. If you find yourself restless and unable to get a quality night of sleep, try these tips to make the most of your stay away from home.

Stick to Your Home Routine

Even though you’re not in the comfort of your own home – or even your own bed, it’s crucial to try and maintain your regular routine so you don’t interrupt your sleep schedule. For instance, shower at the same time you usually do each day, try and get into bed at the same time each night and disconnect from your electronics well before it’s time to close your eyes.

Pamper Yourself

Take the opportunity during a hotel stay to pamper yourself right before bed. Bring along a soft sleeping mask to block out any bright or unfamiliar lights in a hotel room. Soak in a hot bath to relax yourself and bring along your CBD products to take the edge off and reduce anxiety about being away from home.

Utilize a White Noise App

Sometimes, travelers find that a hotel room can be much too quiet for their liking. This can make it hard for you to fall asleep, too. Before heading out of town, download a white noise app that offers a variety of sounds to help fill the room while you’re sleeping. From rushing water or the sounds of nature to sounds that imitate a fan or wind, you can find just the right white noise to help you drift off to sleep.

Read Before Bed

At home, you may find yourself consumed with tucking in the kids or catching up on the latest television show before bed. When you’re away for business or vacation, you don’t typically have these responsibilities. Make the most of your hotel stay and enhance your sleep by reading before you drift off to sleep. A good book can help calm your mind after a stressful day and allow your thoughts to drift off to a fantasy world with engaging characters and adventures.

Adjust the Temperature

The great thing about a hotel is that you have the ability to adjust the thermostat to your liking. However, a room that is too hot can negatively impact your sleep schedule. When adjusting the temperature, make sure that the setting is no higher than 70 degrees so that you don’t wake up sweating. This applies to all seasons of the year as it is harder to fall asleep when you’re too hot.

While a hotel room can never replace the comforts of home, you don’t have to lose sleep when you’re out of town. With these tips, you can ensure you’re sleep schedule is right on track.



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