How Often To Vacuum – Some Simple Guidelines

In a world filled with stress and strain where we are governed by increasing stress as far as time and finance are concerned and where we are constantly bombarded by information, it is no wonder that we regularly find sanctuary in our homes. However, there is no reason to retire to our homes in search of that sanctuary if that very sanctuary presents a risk to our health. This is why if we have carpets in our homes – or in fact any floor covering at all it is necessary to vacuum at on a regular basis. Given that our time resources are limited – this question is an important one to answer when it comes to household management.

So the question is just how often to vacuum?

The question needs to be answered only after taking into the unique circumstances of every household. Firstly we need to examine how often each room in the dwelling is used. If it is an area that experiences normal use the rule of thumb is that it should be vacuumed at least once a week. However, high traffic areas present a different challenge. These should be vacuumed at least once every two days.

There is another contributing factor to the vacuuming schedule. If there are pets present in the household then you may have to step up your vacuuming game. This is especially important if you have a dog or cat that has longer hair (shedding is inevitable) or is free to roam outside – even if that is just in the yard. It is inevitable that dirt and dust will be tracked into the home. If there is a pet present it is a good habit to vacuum every day.

Then there is the question of the floor type. Wood and tile do not hide dirt and other contaminants. It should be immediately apparent when those floor types need attention. Carpets have another whole set of challenges. Not only do carpets hid dirt deep in the pile – but they can also provide sanctuary for dust mites and other microorganisms.

So if we delve a little deeper – why should humans beings be so set on making their homes as hygienic as possible – after all our ancestors lived with decaying rush mats which were replaced only very seldom. The fact of the matter is that those very ancestors became ill living in those circumstances – they did not know the benefits of hygiene. Given a choice modern humans like a clean environment. They enjoy inviting friends and family into a home that makes them proud – and cleanliness is an important contributing factor.

It also no surprise that our increasingly industrialized environment has led to an explosion in respiratory conditions. people who have allergies and difficulty breathing will enjoy an enhanced quality of life if the home is vacuumed regularly. So, how often to vacuum is a question of individual preference – but better safe than sorry when it comes to a vacuuming schedule.


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