Guide To Sheepadoodles

Gaining popularity and for many good reasons, the Sheepadoodle has looks that could melt any heart! What is the mix? What temperament does it have and is it the right choice for you? Let’s take a closer look at this fun and cuddly canine.

What Is A Sheepadoodle

This bundle of fluff and fun is a cross between an Old English Sheepdog and a Poodle mix. The crossbreed tends to be a male Old English Sheepdog with a female Standard Poodle. One of the potential advantages of such a mix is their lack of shedding. Hence for people who suffer from allergies but want to have a dog as part of their family, a Sheepadoodle can make a perfect choice.

What Is The Typical Character And Temperament Of A Sheepadoodle?

Of course, you likely already know that a Sheepadoodle has an appearance that could easily break hearts. However, when choosing a pet the importance is not just on whether they look adorable but rather whether their character and temperament are the right match for you and your family.

We are delighted to say that, in general, the Sheepadoodle’s temperament matches their adorable appearance perfectly!

With a friendly and loving disposition, Sheepadoodles ake great companions and love nothing more than to spend time with their family. This makes the Sheepadoodle a good choice for individuals or families who will have sufficient time to spend with their dog, in fact, this is essential for this mix.

On the obedience front, the combination of Old English Sheepdog and Poodle makes for an intelligent breed that has a natural tendency towards being obedient, when the appropriate training is provided. These dogs are usually easy to train and enjoy learning as many tricks as you want to teach them. Remember, the more time you spend training and teaching your dog, the stronger the bond will become between you both, this is especially true for dogs like Sheepadoodles who thrive on learning new things.

Sheepadoodles are active dogs and will love nothing more than fun and energetic playtime, this can make them ideal pets for families with children. In fact, you will likely find that a Sheepadoodle will happily play itself to sheer exhaustion if there is someone available to act as a playmate for it!

Is A Sheepadoodle The Right Canine For You?

Only you can really decide whether this is the right dog for you and your lifestyle. However, giving thought to the typical character and temperament of Sheepadoodles should go a long way in helping you decide whether you could give one of these true magnificence dogs the type of home that it truly deserves.

Boasting an energetic and active character that needs plenty of exercise and play, along with a sense of loyal friendship and the strong desire to be cuddled, Sheepadoodles are certainly worthy of consideration for individuals and families who have the time and space to welcome a fluffy new member of the family into their home with open arms.


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