Gas Grill Guide

Grilling outdoors is one of our favorite summer outdoor activities. It is an excellent way to enjoy time with your family and friends in the comforts of your own backyard and eat tasty food at the same time. In this guide, we are going to covering all the important things you need to look for when shopping for a gas grill.


One thing you need to consider is what size grill you want and need for your outdoor cooking. It will partly depend on your budget since larger grills do tend to be more expensive than smaller ones. The amount of space that you have available, the size of your family and how much entertaining you do for large groups of people also play a role.

Large grills

Most gas-powered grills are large appliances that weight over 100 pounds. They are semi-portable and feature temperature controls and an ignition knob in the front. They usually come with fold-out trays on both sides for holding cooking tools, condiments and ingredients. Bigger grills often have wheels but are not as portable as a smaller grill.

Portable grills

These grills are very popular for activities such as tailgating and camping. The models are scaled-down from the large cart models and feature a nozzle attachment for a small tank of fuel and retractable legs.

Heat Sources

Grills usually have from one to five burners. Those with multiple burners are perfect for feeding a large group of people. You have a choice of propane or natural gas for your source of heat.


This is a refined byproduct that comes from natural gas. You purchase it in a tank that attaches to the grill with a nozzle and hose.

Natural gas

If your house has natural gas you can usually add a line to the backyard so that natural gas will directly flow to your grill via a control valve.


Under $100

Grills that are in this price range are usually tabletop models that are equipped with one to two burners and run on a small propane canister. They are perfect for tailgating and camping trips or for those with a small household who only grill occasionally.

Under $150

In this price range, you will start to see some larger cart-size grills with one to two burners. There are also more sophisticated portable grills at this price as well as small flat-top grills.

Under $500

Here is where you move up to the premium grills. These are larger units featuring three to five burners. Some even come with infrared heat with a motorized spit for cooking your food on. They also have side trays for holding ingredients and tools. These grills emit tremendous amounts of heat which can go up to 32,000 BTUs per hour. That is four times the amount of heat that portable and cheaper models put out.

Gas grills that cost close to $500 usually come with some very nice features, like flavor bars and smoker tray.

Over $500

If you want the best gas-powered grill around made out of the highest quality materials and offering the most features, you can expect to pay over $500.


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