Detailed Guide on How to Bet on Soccer

Soccer attracts thousands of punters from all over the world, especially during tournaments like the FIFA World Cup, Euro Cup, and Copa America. With more than 3 billion soccer fans worldwide, you can imagine the amount of betting that goes on every year. Different countries have different leagues and that results in weekly betting schemes from various websites. There’s a wide range of wagers to choose from and that makes soccer such a popular betting sport.

But what are some of the betting terms and what do they mean? Here’s a detailed description of the betting formats in soccer that will help to understand the concept better.

Three-way Moneyline

As you can figure from the name, this format means you have three betting options:

Argentina Wins
Brazil Wins
The game ends in a draw.

Three-way moneyline works only on games that end within 90 minutes or in Regular Time. This includes the injury time or any stoppage time minutes added by the referee. But it shouldn’t include the 30-minute extra time or penalty shootouts.

Suppose Argentina and Brazil went face to face in a World Cup final. The odds were the following:

Brazil: +255
Argentina: +130
Draw: +230

The score at the end of 90 minutes was 0-0. This means those who bet on a draw would win big even if Brazil won the game in extra-time. Had you bet on Brazil and it won the game within 90 minutes, you would have made a profit of $155 if you had bet $100.

Two-way Moneyline

There are two things you need to keep in mind while betting on a two-way moneyline: draw no bet and double chance. Like the three-way moneyline, this format also applies to a 90-minute game and not extra time and penalty shootouts. Let’s take a look at how Double Chance works in soccer betting:

Double chance means betting on a team that may win or draw a game or either of the two team wins. Here are the three possible outcomes from double chance games:

Argentina wins or draws
Brazil wins or draws
Brazil or Argentina wins

Argentina wins or draws: 165
Brazil wins or draws: 215
Brazil or Argentina wins: 200

As you can see, for each bet, you are eliminating one of the results.

Draw no bet, on the other hand, eliminates the concept of a drawn game entirely. You either have to choose Brazil or Argentina as the winner of the match. This means you have two options:

Brazil wins: 200
Argentina wins: 150

But what if the game ends in a draw after 90 minutes? In that case, the sportsbook refunds your bets and calls the game “No Action.” This happened in the FIFA World Cup Final in 2014 when the game was at 0-0 after 90 minutes.

Betting Goal Lines

Betting goal lines, also known as Spreads, works quite similarly to Two-Way Moneyline. Goal Lines also eliminate one of the outcomes. They are similar to point spreads in basketball or rugby and Puck Lines in hockey. Usually, online betting sites offer -0.5 goals in soccer. But they offer higher Goal Lines, such as -1.5 or -2.5 in games with big favorites.

Goal lines work best on games where the favorites are bound to win the game. For example, in a match between Brazil and Iran, most punters would expect Brazil to win. Therefore, betting sites would provide Goal Line odds like the following:

Brazil: -2.5 goals (+110)
Iran: +2.5 goals (-120)

Here’s where things get a bit tricky: if you bet on Brazil, you will win only if Brazil wins the game by three or more goals. On the other hand, if you bet on Iran with +2.5 goals odd, then Iran either needs to win or lose by one or two goals or draw the game.

Experienced punters also implement the Asian handicap strategy while betting on goal lines. Asian handicap is a type of spread where you can split your wager on two bets like -2 and -1.5. If Brazil wins by two goals, then you break even. But if it wins by three goals, then you win both the bets. This type of betting strategy helps to reduce your amount of loss.

Betting totals

Totals work differently in soccer than other sports. Bookmakers usually show totals in multiples of 0.25 goals. This is because scoring goals is minimal in soccer compared to other sports. You will notice totals amounting to 2.5, 2.75, or 2.25.

If you bet Over 2.25 goals, then the bookmaker will place half your bet on Over 2 and the rest on Over 2.5. Suppose the game ends in 1-1. That means you lose the bet on Over 2.5 while the bookmaker refunds your bet Over 2. But if the game ends with three or more goals, then you win both the bets.

Soccer betting is easy if you keep these terms and conditions in mind. Try betting a small amount first to get your feet wet before moving to high-risk games.


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