Benefits of Buried Storm Water Chambers

As you complete plans for your development, you must decide on the best way to manage storm water and runoff. One of the most convenient methods to choose is buried storm water chambers. What are they and why are they beneficial? This article explores the answers to these questions.

Storm Water Containment Systems

You can choose to install something like a retention pond for the development site. This can be a nice feature that allows people who live in the residences a chance to relax, a place to walk or exercise. Retention ponds are effective and attractive but they have their limitations. Often, the standing water attracts insects including mosquitos. The chance of West Nile virus infecting those insects increases when there is a retention pond around.

Choosing an underground storage system is a much better option. You get to keep more land above ground free for other use such as parking or an athletic field. A residential development can be enhanced with a field or other park-like area which would be impossible to install should you choose a detention pond instead.

Buried Storm Water Chambers and Their Benefits

These detention systems are easy to maintain and they last for decades. The best part is that they are installed underground and out of sight. They still catch and hold storm water effectively, and they will not leak contaminants into the soil. They are affordable and easy to install. The best part is that they allow you to make more efficient use of the land above ground.

They come in a variety of materials. You can choose to build them from concrete or eco-friendly plastic. Concrete is ideal for creating a tunnel system under the ground. Eco-plastics are flexible and can be installed vertically as well as horizontally. You can feel good about using recycled materials should you choose the eco-plastics.

Recycled chambers are among the more inexpensive and durable materials from which to create a storm water containment system. These materials are worth looking into purchasing. They are currently available from quality storm water chamber engineering firms. You can have them made into configurations that will work perfectly for your entire development.

If you want to use traditional materials, steel or concrete are options. They cost more but they have already proven themselves to be among the best materials that you can buy. They will contain all storm water and redirect it as needed.

Any chamber system must be installed in a manner that stops soil from being contaminated by any storm water that is introduced to the chamber. The storm water can be recycled to infiltrate the soil and help nourish it. This can be an added benefit to the community development.

If you are ready to design a storm water chamber system, speak to an experienced engineering firm. There are many benefits to underground retention systems. You can opt for many different materials including the recycled plastic materials or green systems. Find the most affordable system for your needs and complete your project with the perfect storm water retention chamber available.


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