Advice On What To Ask Before Rehab

Struggling with addiction is devastating. It takes away most of the important things in your life; time, energy, family, friends and in extreme cases, your career. It takes a lot for one to consciously make the decision to quit a habit and seek professional help. As you start the process of getting the best treatment program for your loved one, it is advisable to do your research. You want your loved one to receive the best treatment that will help them start a better life. There are numerous facilities offering treatment to addicts, but you want one that best fits the needs of your patient. Discussed below is what to ask before rehab to increase the chances of you finding the best treatment center for your patient.

Programs On Offer.

While each facility will have different programs and use different recovery paths, it is good to inquire whether they offer outpatient and inpatient programs. If for example your patient still reports to work,it will be more convenient if the patient signed for the outpatient program, which allows them mobility outside the facility. Seek to know whether they incorporate the dual diagnosis in their programs considering that most addicts usually face other mental problems such as depression. Centers offering dual diagnosis are preferred more because they tend to address both the mental health and addiction, seeing to it that the patient recovers fully. Besides, ask whether they use the 12-step program, which is a spiritual principle that most centers use to guide the patients into living a happier and sober life. Such programs fasten the recovery process and have been proved to be very efficient.

Staff Expertise.

The recovery process of your loved one will greatly depend on the staff’s ability to take care of them. Take time to know the medical professionals at the center. Ask about their credentials and history working with addicts. Your interaction with them gives you an idea of what kind of service to expect and whether you should trust them with your patient. Therapists and social workers should be licensed for them to be allowed to practice at the center. This ensures quality service. It is also good to check on the ratio of patients to therapists. A high ratio means that the patients will not be given quality service since the doctors have less time on each patient.

Payment Options.

The other component in what to ask before rehab is whether the facility allows insurance to cover for the treatment. Some insurance policies cover most or even all of the payments at the end of the program. Ensure that your health insurance provider covers for the addiction treatment. If not, seek other alternatives such as grants, to help you cover the cost of treatment. In case your cost of treatment can be covered by insurance, clarify that the facility works with your insurance company.

The above list should guide you as you work towards finding a reliable treatment center. Consider using them to formulate questions that will enable you to get the necessary information from the facilities.


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