5 Ways To Prevent Bathroom Odors On A Daily Basis

No matter how clean your bathroom is, bathroom odors are a part of daily life. They can feel even worse when they’re in or near your master bedroom. Fortunately, there are many ways to prevent bathroom odors from occurring in the first place! Here are some of the tips you can implement without spending too much time or energy:

-Most commercial cleaning supplies are great at masking odors, but not actually preventing them. In fact, they’re often responsible for leaving behind a nasty chemical smell that’s bad for your health. Using natural cleaning agents such as baking soda, lemon juice or vinegar ensures that you’re actually cleaning your bathroom and not just covering up problems.

Quick tip: Leave open a container of baking soda in your bathroom between cleanings as it helps naturally neutralize odors.

-Bathroom air fresheners contain many toxic harmful chemicals that can lead to a number of ailments. Why not make your own freshener? All it requires is your favorite essential oil, a spray bottle and two tablespoons of pure rubbing alcohol.

-Air purifiers are yet another great way to actually remove odors and allergens from your air. For example, the Winix brand sells an air purifier that uses an activated charcoal filter to remove harmful odors and allergens from your air. Plus, the filtration system also removes mold spores and other harmful components that lead to exacerbated odors.

Cleaning your toilet regularly is yet another effective method of removing foul odors from your bathroom. Just like regular scents, odors tend to accumulate over time if your toilet isn’t scrubbed regularly or your shower isn’t cleaned.

Increase the airflow in your bathroom and you’ll see a dramatic decrease in the odors that permeate the air. If you have a window in your bathroom, make sure to leave it cracked open at all times, especially when the bathroom is in use. An exhaust fan is also a reliable source of constant airflow and it does help remove odors that tend to linger. The last resort is purchasing a small tabletop fan that you can leave running in your bathroom if installing an exhaust fan is not an option.

-One of the best ways to prevent bathroom odors is to ensure mold and mildew are kept at bay. Sometimes, fans and air purifiers aren’t enough, but undiluted vinegar is! Spray it onto the affected areas and leave it to soak for an hour. Afterwards, you can safely wipe away the remaining residue. It may feel tempting to use household cleaning chemicals, but oftentimes, they make the problem worse and leave behind harmful toxins.

Ensuring that your bathroom is an odor-free and clean environment can make a difference in your health. Odors tend to linger in enclosed spaces and bathrooms are notoriously hard to clean. The right combination of scented creations, air purifiers and natural compounds can help lessen the effects of this problem. Do keep in mind that even when it’s tempting, chemical cleaners are harmful and do more harm than good!


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