Shopping for Designer Eyewear Online Attracts More Buyers

Anyone can buy eyewear for either fashion or functional reasons. For whatever reason, you should make it a point in investing in designer eyewear. Whether your eyewear is prescribed by a doctor or just a self-prescribed fashion choice, one should aim to get the product that is deemed for its quality. Most people are afraid of the process of buying eyewear because they think it is time-consuming or complicated. While this may have been partly true for traditional shopping methods, online shopping has changed this completely. According to a recent Nielsen report, 61 percent of all consumers are now “most likely” prefers to buy new products that are available online. There are a number of good reasons you should be buying designer eyewear online. When buying items via the Internet, you have access to greater range of choices. Traditionally, a buyer is just limited to designs available in an optical shop. This often leads to a lot of frustration where [&hellip


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Investments in India to Propel Economic Growth

Investments are deemed to be the fuel that pumps up an economy. When an investment is given to any country, the capital used plays a part in the increase of the pre-existing demand of the country’s finances. This, in turn, translates into the heightening of domestic expenditures that is essential in raising the bar of production capacity. When the production capacity is stable, the processes involved in production is modernized, which in turn makes up for cost-effective measures that will further improve everything from within. No doubt, without good investments, several sectors will find it challenging to pursue the developments they need to support economic growth. In India, several investment deals are underway. Solely not focusing on outsourcing services alone, multifarious opportunities opened in the fields of gaming, training and technology. Expatriates now find the local market as an attractive venture, since the long-term growth potentials have been entirely positive [&hellip


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Making Way for Sustainable Energy Technology

In a world fraught with the depletion of our natural resources, sustainable energy rises up as the greatest alternative that people should consider. In Australia, the government has laid out their proposal to make their energy use 85 percent all-sustainable in their entire island continent by 2050. Currently, power companies in the Land Down Under use coal to rev up their electricity. They are also promoting the use of smart appliances and meters in order to lessen the carbon footprint of their country. In the Middle East, Qatar is staunchly looking into initiatives to reduce their carbon emissions. Despite being an oil-rich nation, the country is now refocusing on a shift towards sustainable energy generation and consumption. The International Energy Agency (IEA) also calls out for energy independence – away from the excessive use of fossil fuels. They are informing governments around the world to fund viable sources of sustainable [&hellip


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U.S. Homeowners Enjoying Higher Home Equity in 2012

A silver lining has etched it way to the housing market in 2012. According to the latest Federal Reserve statistics analyzed by Bloomberg, the first quarter of 2012 saw a $6.12 trillion boost in home equity, where homeowners benefited from affordable borrowing expenses to refinance their loans. This paved the way for cash to be laid down on the table to compensate for a lower principal. The gains achieved in the first quarter of 2012 has been the highest since 2008 and the 7.3 percent growth has been dubbed as the highest achievement for more than 60 years. It’s virtually a good sign after American homeowners have squeezed out of the mortgage crunch that hounded them a few years ago. Freddie Mac, a government-run mortgage firm, supported the easing out of the housing crisis as half of the refinanced mortgages in the last quarter of 2011 were already diminished notably. [&hellip


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Motor Insurance Premiums Fall for Young Drivers

Young British drivers will now be able to get on the road for less. According to the AA’s British Insurance Premium Index it now costs motor insurance for a young driver (between the age of 17 and 21) fell by 5.6 per cent last quarter in the UK. This has brought the average annual premium to a still hefty £2,294. This news should provide some respite to young drivers who are already hit with high petrol costs, expensive tuition for driver training and the cost of buying a used or new vehicle. Despite the fall in rates, insurance premiums for young drivers are still very high. This owes to the risks these drivers are on the road due to poor decision making and inexperience. Nonetheless, some have pointed to these premiums as being too high. There are further changes to come in this field as gender based pricing is due [&hellip


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Portugal’s Rating Slashed Down by Moody’s

Portugal’s rating regarding their debt status was set to junk status as of yesterday by Moody’s Investors Service. With this, much pressure is now put up towards the governments consisting Eurozone to make plans on a long-term solution concerning financial crisis. Although Portugal has settled a rescue package of $116 billion last May, Moody’s still have seen the risks of the country to need their second assistance sooner than they could increase funds again in the bond markets. This would also affect lenders from private sectors. Portugal’s rating was cut down from Baa1 to Ba2, expressing a negative outlook and forecasting that there would be probable cuts in the future. Additionally, the agency also cautioned the country of a probable shortage regarding their financial targets it had discussed with the International Monetary Fund and EU under bailout terms. This is because the country’s facing alarming challenges such as increasing tax [&hellip


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Apple Stocks in a Slight Slow Down Mode But Remains Sturdy

Apple stocks: Slowing down or not? Apple is no doubt one of largest providers of techie and high-end softwares, hardwares, devices and gadgets. For the past years since Apple has been established, its sales are relatively higher because the company continuously upgraded its products and services. From time to time, Apple introduces a variety of modern technology particularly in field of smartphones and computers. A contributor named Roguemont of SeekingAlpha wrote, “Previously, Apple continues to be in a position to go above and indicates strength and durability even if the marketplace along with other high-end stocks were shedding.” The SeekingAlpha writer also added that as of now, the notable capability of Apple in terms of sales does no longer appear. In the month of April 2011, Dow Jones Industrial Average was more than 12,810 but it recently fell down to 12, 072.25. In recent times, Apple’s shares are buying and [&hellip


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